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In the middle of 2019 In Ukraine:


billion IT export revenue

184 000


3 297

IT company

Rent a web developer

No more need to keep a team of expensive in-house web developers. You can rent them hourly for any of your purpose.

What is virtual office

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office. Customers pay a contract fee for these services which may be offered à la carte, as packages or membership subscription. The concept is popular with companies of all sizes, including self-employed entrepreneurs. One of the primary allures of the virtual office is the flexibility it offers for employees and freelancers to work from a satellite office, home office, remote location. At the same time, a company can offer its clients and employees a stable home office with access to amenities such as receptionist, conference rooms, desk space, mailboxes, printing and faxing at a permanent address, which are owned and maintained by the virtual office provider or a third party. (From Wikipedia)

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much. Helen Keller

What we do?

We provide services of web developers for rent. You can get only what you need. No any other extra fees to pay other than the hour rate.

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About us

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In the current time Oleksandr has created the team of web developers that are passionate with their work.

Your benefits

You know there are lot of outsourcing IT companies.
That's right and most of them are very nice.
We show what we differ

Outsourcing company

  • Working hours 8h
  • Average rate
  • Quality

Your Virtual office

  • Working hours 14h
  • Average rate
  • Quality

You sleep - developer works

In your virtual office you'll have developers from different time zones adjusted to maintain non stop development process up to 14 hours a day. Just leave a task and go to sleep. Wake up and get the work done.

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We use top technologies

PHP Developers

.NET Developers

IOS Developers

ANDROID Developers

JAVA Developers

Ready for new project?

Check out hourly prices for rent below.

Small project

(Up to 100 hours)

From 20 €

Middle project

(up to 500 hours)

From 17.5 €

Large project

(500+ hours)

From 15 €

How to start


Send us initial request using contact form below


There is two-step discussion process. Our account manager will contact you to share our way of work and to get your needs. Then financial manager will get back to you to discuss details.

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After reaching agreement we sign a contract and start cooperation.

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